This blog introduces a bible study to be published here.  I will offer a ten blog countdown to allow new readers to gather and start together on the journey.  Who is this new writer? 

 I am a traveler but I like to have company on my journeys.  Walking with the Lord is an adventure that should be shared with others.  These steps can lead to the stars.  I am David I. Luther;  Age 64, mechanical designer, widower, semi-retired, underemployed.  I started as a child of the auto industry, a son of Detroit, and of a Ford engineer.   

 To the world I was a nerd, or a geek at best.  Really my grades weren’t good enough to be a geek, and I had no ability to be a jock.  As a young man I was the all American Booger-head.  Being shy sent me into dark places over time.  A tour in the artillery in Vietnam did not point me towards constructive social patterns.  My Scout buddies became my addiction buddies and I discovered shame.  I followed some carpentry work, and then I went back to drafting as an auto designer.  I was due to make an encounter of the trinity kind.

 Note:  don’t ask me to sing this!


I’m just a temp in this life that we see,

But I have assurance more than all I can be.

A contract employee, I have traveled far,

But my silent partner soars beyond all the stars.

I’ve worked my profession for twenty-five years,

And all that remains are the debts and the tears.

But I have possessions more than all you can see,

I am invested in eternity.

Long years ago, I lived in a hole,

Dung for a spirit, and slime for a soul.

Having no prospects, I abandoned all hope,

And I lived day by day for the next bag of dope.

When alcohol formed a great sea of despair,

I determined to end it all right then and there.

I Drove into a blizzard, and aimed at a bridge,

But even this plan had just one little hitch.

A spirit jumped in there as bright as a star,

And he grave a great spin to that fast moving car.

He backed it straight through a culvert, then spun it around,

And he that was lost then began to be found.

But the Father of Lies, he denies he exists,

Yet deep in my heart I knew he persists.

‘Till the light of the spirit revealed my shame,

And I regret that sin ever came.

The Word came to say that I need to be saved,

And I knew that I had to escape from the grave.

So I answered his call, and confessed all my sins,

And at that moment I felt new life begin.

The accuser will tell us we are worthless and low,

But he has a date with the fire below..

I have assurance from the Father above,

Now I’m a child in the family of his love.

A child of the king can’t have everything,

But the day will arrive when his spirit will sing,

As a child can’t receive the keys to the car,

Yet one day his dreams will ascend to the stars.

One name under heaven by which men are saved,

Jesus who triumphed over death and the grave.

I’m more than an employee who shares his reward,

I am a full partner in the firm of the Lord!

 Salvation did not bring instant perfection, but it did lead me to a good wife and family.  Ten years of service with the Royal Rangers led me to appreciate Christian service and outdoor fellowship.  A great church in Michigan gave us a three year ministry training class.  We expected to have a word of prophesy and laying on of hands to prepare us for ministry service after graduation.  For some reason that action was never done for us.  Had I know where life would take us I might have asked to resign.

 We raised our kids in a world that brought temptation and struggles.  The auto industry provided design work for a long time before the recession got serious.  Unemployment eventually cost us our home and our life savings.  We travelled out of state to follow work in aerospace, and left the kids in Michigan.  Lacking health insurance, we struggled to understand some health issues my wife was having.  She went home to visit the kids, and went into a coma that night in her sleep.  We engaged in a prayer war and the doctors removed a lemon sized brain tumor.  After four months of home care and prayer, she came out of the coma.  She was pleased to wake in her children’s home, and really smiled to watch her grandson playing in the room.  We only had a few days to express our love before she slipped away due to a blood clot.  I appreciate the gift of a brief reunion and farewell, not parting on harsh words or without closure.

 I have not felt the pain of separation, because I have great confidence about her salvation.  I have followed design work until the final layoff two years ago.  I have found no hope of employment from thousands of applications since.  I had three decades of design, so I can settle back a bit in semi-retirement for now.  I took training to drive trucks, but life had a different plan for me.

 My father is 94, and he needed a live-in care giver.  For now I am living with dad in Mesa Arizona, looking for some more changes in the future.  I can look for a comfortable retirement, but I see other needs ahead of us.  Can you see any signs of spiritual activity in the world around us?  Is there some unfinished business in the kingdom of God?

 I am growing in prayer and bible study, but lacking in Christian fellowship.  I am homeless without a church base yet.  As a caregiver, I can’t seem to fit in when I can’t come to evening services.  I will begin by offering this on-line bible study which fits any schedule.  The bread of life should draw those who are hungry.  I need to meet those who consider the words of Yeshua to be life itself.  Jesus fed many with a few fish and loaves.  I can offer a little, and you can add what you have seen in the scripture.  God will again feed multitudes if we give what we have to share.  Those disciples who reported the life of Jesus each had a slightly different view to report, and you will see a side of him that I may not see.  Let us know, and share your part of the meal with everyone.

I hope we can take this study on the road some day.  Arizona offers camping in surroundings much like Israel and Egypt.  In Royal Rangers we saw God move around a campfire in ways an auditorium can’t duplicate.  We saw the word come to life for a few days in the tent community.  Outdoor life adds physical fitness and social benefits along with the scriptural ones.

 I write for The Fit Christian Magazine, a free e-magazine.  I hope we grow physically as we do spiritually.  There will be opportunities for adventure in the Lord if we are ready.  Is the church strong enough to do exploits against the evil one?  We should be; it is our destiny:

 And such as do wickedly against the covenant shall he corrupt by flatteries: but the people that do know their God shall be strong, and do exploits.  Daniel 11: 32

How can we do exploits if we do not know our God, his will, and the ways of his spiritual warfare?  He has given us a training manual.  I would like to look at that text book with your help.