I am designing a small aircraft that combines two planes into a third combined vehicle.  For this to work it has to have perfect balance in all three configurations.  If successful, it may offer a replacement for the now ended space shuttle vehicles.  If not, it may make a great smoking hole in the desert!  Perfect balance is the key to our daily lives too.



 The Father, Son, and Holy Ghost represent God in ways that we can approach for growth.  Jesus taught us to pray to God the Father.

And he said unto them, When ye pray, say, Our Father which art in heaven, Hallowed be thy name. Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done, as in heaven, so in earth.  Luke 11:2

So when we spend time in prayer, we are in fellowship with God the FatherJesus is known as “The Word” As his life is completely revealed in scripture; we can have fellowship with Jesus, The Son, by study of the scriptures.

The Holy Ghost dwells in the believers, and offers us encouragement.  We can help others as the Holy Spirit leads us.  Our praying pastors are anointed to bring understanding through teaching and preaching.  Others may have experience and understanding to help us with our daily struggles.  Regular Christian fellowship is the key to Holy Ghost understanding.

PRAYER, BIBLE STUDY, AND CHURCH ATTENDANCE are the keys to a balanced relationship with the FATHER, SON, AND HOLY GHOST.  Each day can offer parts of this balance if we give up a little of our time.     Finding that time is a bit like prospering through tithing.  Our faith is tested by offering the little we have, then God can multiply what we have left over.  Our daily schedule is more productive when we have this balance.  God gives us inner peace that will survive in the midst of any battle.  Christ confidence puts more spring in your step, and moves us efficiently through our day.

 We can have this balance in our Christian gatherings as well.  Royal Ranger meetings opened with prayer and a brief Bible study.  The activity often led the boys through applications of those scriptures.  Then a devotional study could review the meeting activities, or apply a personal experience to the lesson.  Hikes or camping can begin and end in prayer and reflection.  It all allows the balance for Trinity fellowship.

This means that we need never be deprived of balance, as buildings are not needed for trinity fellowship.   In times of war or natural disaster we can gather anywhere in the name of Jesus, and he will be there to complete us.  The church or other gathering place allows us to maintain relationship with Father Son and Holy Ghost. 

When God calls his sheep out of darkness, they come to the gathering as walking wounded.  They need the security of the fort during a time of spiritual hospitalization.  As we grow in faith and knowledge, we want to share with others.  Our prayer and sharing awakens others who served the darkness until they see the light.  Our outreach is like the armies that leave the castle to make spiritual warfare in enemy territory.

 We need to be on the spiritual attack, but we can’t succeed without training.  The church has to be a place of security for that healing and re-training.  We need to guard the inner group against infiltration.  Of course the church has been infiltrated from the beginning.  The epistles teach us how to sort and shield the sheep in the New Testament church.  God gave us examples and solutions to any problem that may come against us in scripture.

 During the training experience we can draw from the trinity for balanced discernment of right and wrong.  You will find that God allows small evils to help your learning.  Look for his help from prayer, scripture, and Christian counsel. 

As we grow you may see greater challenges and opportunities in your daily life.  The spiritual vision God gives you will allow you to go on bold raids into the territories of the darkness.  You will engage in bold exploits:

And such as do wickedly against the covenant shall he corrupt by flatteries: but the people that do know their God shall be strong, and do exploits.  Daniel 11:32

We should guard against unbalanced teachings because they do not fully try the spirits that tempt us.  Prayer gives you God’s direction to guide your day.  Bible knowledge tests our thought life against stray spirits and temptation.  Church attendance provides experienced guidance and opportunities to encourage others.  This is a three strand rope, wound together for the strength to bind powers and principalities. 

Hmmm...four computers (heads) four wings, wheels...Cherubim!