The sons of Ahab are gone, but what about his daughter?  Jehu has slain king Ahaziah of Judah, and his mother Athaliah is still alive.  She is presented earlier as either a sister or a daughter of Ahab, so there is still a queen of Baal in Judah.  Kings were anointed by the man of God in the past, but this woman appointed herself to rule.  God will still be God; did he not say “I am”?

And when Athaliah the mother of Ahaziah saw that her son was dead, she arose and destroyed all the seed royal.  But Jehosheba, the daughter of king Joram, sister of Ahaziah, took Joash the son of Ahaziah, and stole him from among the king’s sons which were slain; and they hid him, even him and his nurse, in the bedchamber from Athaliah, so that he was not slain.  And he was with her hid in the house of the LORD six years. And Athaliah did reign over the land.  2 Kings 11:1-3

Joash is a young relative of Ahab who survived the purge and was hidden in the temple.  His own step mother killed his brothers but Jehosheba rescued him.  He is raised among the priests and in the place of reverence to God.  His step mother has no opportunity to eliminate him as an heir.  The High Priest and the Levites are his mentors and guardians.

And the seventh year Jehoiada sent and fetched the rulers over hundreds, with the captains and the guard, and brought them to him into the house of the LORD, and made a covenant with them, and took an oath of them in the house of the LORD, and shewed them the king’s son.  And he commanded them, saying, This is the thing that ye shall do; A third part of you that enter in on the sabbath shall even be keepers of the watch of the king’s house;  And a third part shall be at the gate of Sur; and a third part at the gate behind the guard: so shall ye keep the watch of the house, that it be not broken down.   And two parts of all you that go forth on the sabbath, even they shall keep the watch of the house of the LORD about the king.  And ye shall compass the king round about, every man with his weapons in his hand: and he that cometh within the ranges, let him be slain: and be ye with the king as he goeth out and as he cometh in.  2 Kings 11:4-8

Jehoida the High Priest gave the guards the appointment and the anointment of the weapons of King David.  And the time came for another change.

And the captains over the hundreds did according to all things that Jehoiada the priest commanded: and they took every man his men that were to come in on the sabbath, with them that should go out on the sabbath, and came to Jehoiada the priest.  And to the captains over hundreds did the priest give king David’s spears and shields, that were in the temple of the LORD.  And the guard stood, every man with his weapons in his hand, round about the king, from the right corner of the temple to the left corner of the temple, along by the altar and the temple.  And he brought forth the king’s son, and put the crown upon him, and gave him the testimony; and they made him king, and anointed him; and they clapped their hands, and said, God save the king.  2 Kings 11:9-12

Now the priest has anointed a new king, and the people recognize him as their ruler.  The celebration is immediate.  The queen hears the celebration and ceremonies.

And when Athaliah heard the noise of the guard and of the people, she came to the people into the temple of the LORD.  And when she looked, behold, the king stood by a pillar, as the manner was, and the princes and the trumpeters by the king, and all the people of the land rejoiced, and blew with trumpets: and Athaliah rent her clothes, and cried, Treason, Treason.  But Jehoiada the priest commanded the captains of the hundreds, the officers of the host, and said unto them, Have her forth without the ranges: and him that followeth her kill with the sword. For the priest had said, Let her not be slain in the house of the LORD.  And they laid hands on her; and she went by the way by the which the horses came into the king’s house: and there was she slain.  2 Kings 11:13-16

The self appointed queen is disturbed to hear about a new king.  She is more disturbed to be dragged in front of the soldiers and slain.  They take care to kill her outside the temple though.

And Jehoiada made a covenant between the LORD and the king and the people, that they should be the LORD’s people; between the king also and the people.  And all the people of the land went into the house of Baal, and brake it down; his altars and his images brake they in pieces thoroughly, and slew Mattan the priest of Baal before the altars. And the priest appointed officers over the house of the LORD.  And he took the rulers over hundreds, and the captains, and the guard, and all the people of the land; and they brought down the king from the house of the LORD, and came by the way of the gate of the guard to the king’s house. And he sat on the throne of the kings.  And all the people of the land rejoiced, and the city was in quiet: and they slew Athaliah with the sword beside the king’s house.  Seven years old was Jehoash when he began to reign.  2 Kings 11:17-21

Now the kingdom of Judah is under godly rule again and they lived happily ever after…didn’t they?  Technically this new king is also related to Ahab, and may carry the curse like a disease to Judah.  We will see more later, but what should we be learning from all of this? 

Should Christians rise up and slay all the infidels in our land?  Moslems have their jihad.  Why is God giving us all this graphic carnal warfare imagery for our training?  We can recall that God has used Elisha to deliver victory by spiritual spying and still saved his enemies by mercy.  God destroyed all evil in the flood of Noah without the help of man.  Why would he need to use man to destroy evil now?  We are to be participants in some way, and yet we are to love our enemies, not warring against flesh and blood. 

We can’t slay the presidential candidate who doesn’t meet biblical standards.  We shouldn’t kill those who worship Buddha.  But we can slay the behavior in our own lives that entertains hatred or gossip.  We can turn from immorality.  We can have victory in ruling over our own spirit.  The warfare is just as brutal as these carnal struggles, and the real battle is in the same spiritual realm.  It is urgent.

Modern nations are destroyed by sin.  Drugs have fueled the destruction of individuals, families, and our neighboring nations.  Adultery leaves divided families, disease, and powerless churches.  We have to recognize the destructive power of a spiritual enemy who is not a lifeless idol.  But we have a greater spirit delivering the same victory seen by the ancients today.

The human toll of sin is the same in the modern world, and it cannot be stopped in the natural warfare.  You are part of the modern Chronicles of Yeshua, a Royal Priesthood training the kings of tomorrow.  No one is insignificant in contributions to this future victory.

I hope that the words of God live for you today as it did for these patriarchs.  The bible is Yeshua alive in your lives.  You should hear the Father in prayer, the Son in reading, and the Holy Ghost in the encouragement of the church.  You are warriors in encouraging the kings and queens in your life.  Raise them in the house of God to be righteous leaders to the end.