The Old Testament seems like a pattern of failure, doesn’t it?  Yet while all have sinned, some find a way to shine.  This is a good study for Christians because we all pass through good and bad trials.  We all fail as these kings did, but we all have the hope of redemption.  We live a pattern of failure like these men of flesh, but we see opportunities to turn in repentance as they did.  They heard the same gospel when Jesus was crucified and joined them with his testimony.  If they recognized him as Messiah, they will be there with us.  We may be surprised by some who have decided to turn at that time, even as some are surprised to see us serving Yeshua.  Judah had a king in the time of their trials that learned to lean on God.

Hezekiah began to reign when he was five and twenty years old, and he reigned nine and twenty years in Jerusalem. And his mother’s name was Abijah, the daughter of Zechariah.  And he did that which was right in the sight of the LORD, according to all that David his father had done.  He in the first year of his reign, in the first month, opened the doors of the house of the LORD, and repaired them.  And he brought in the priests and the Levites, and gathered them together into the east street,  2 Chronicles 29:1-4

Was this Zechariah the prophet who was Hezekiah’s grandfather?  What a great start on a Godly life path!  He was ready to lead at the age of twenty five, prepared as Timothy was also at an earl age.

And said unto them, Hear me, ye Levites, sanctify now yourselves, and sanctify the house of the LORD God of your fathers, and carry forth the filthiness out of the holy place.  For our fathers have trespassed, and done that which was evil in the eyes of the LORD our God, and have forsaken him, and have turned away their faces from the habitation of the LORD, and turned their backs.  Also they have shut up the doors of the porch, and put out the lamps, and have not burned incense nor offered burnt offerings in the holy place unto the God of Israel.  Wherefore the wrath of the LORD was upon Judah and Jerusalem, and he hath delivered them to trouble, to astonishment, and to hissing, as ye see with your eyes.  For, lo, our fathers have fallen by the sword, and our sons and our daughters and our wives are in captivity for this.  Now it is in mine heart to make a covenant with the LORD God of Israel, that his fierce wrath may turn away from us.  My sons, be not now negligent: for the LORD hath chosen you to stand before him, to serve him, and that ye should minister unto him, and burn incense.  2 Chronicles 29:5-11

When your family has been taken as prisoners of war this is a good time to listen to our godly king.  Perhaps he does have a better idea for your life.  The priesthood of God was aroused to provide the service of the temple.

Then the Levites arose, Mahath the son of Amasai, and Joel the son of Azariah, of the sons of the Kohathites: and of the sons of Merari, Kish the son of Abdi, and Azariah the son of Jehalelel: and of the Gershonites; Joah the son of Zimmah, and Eden the son of Joah:  And of the sons of Elizaphan; Shimri, and Jeiel: and of the sons of Asaph; Zechariah, and Mattaniah:  And of the sons of Heman; Jehiel, and Shimei: and of the sons of Jeduthun; Shemaiah, and Uzziel.  And they gathered their brethren, and sanctified themselves, and came, according to the commandment of the king, by the words of the LORD, to cleanse the house of the LORD.  2 Chronicles 29:12-15

They came by the orders of their king, and in compliance with the word of their God.  They were prepared by a double testimony to move ahead.

And the priests went into the inner part of the house of the LORD, to cleanse it, and brought out all the uncleanness that they found in the temple of the LORD into the court of the house of the LORD. And the Levites took it, to carry it out abroad into the brook Kidron.  Now they began on the first day of the first month to sanctify, and on the eighth day of the month came they to the porch of the LORD: so they sanctified the house of the LORD in eight days; and in the sixteenth day of the first month they made an end.  Then they went in to Hezekiah the king, and said, We have cleansed all the house of the LORD, and the altar of burnt offering, with all the vessels thereof, and the shewbread table, with all the vessels thereof.  Moreover all the vessels, which king Ahaz in his reign did cast away in his transgression, have we prepared and sanctified, and, behold, they are before the altar of the LORD.  2 Chronicles 29:16-19

Have you ever noticed how your car runs better after you clean it inside and out?  How much more the temple of God when it reflects the care and attention it should receive.  Break out the cleaning materials of the heart and soul to purify the living temple as well.  God recognizes the care we give to this temple.

Then Hezekiah the king rose early, and gathered the rulers of the city, and went up to the house of the LORD.  And they brought seven bullocks, and seven rams, and seven lambs, and seven he goats, for a sin offering for the kingdom, and for the sanctuary, and for Judah. And he commanded the priests the sons of Aaron to offer them on the altar of the LORD.  So they killed the bullocks, and the priests received the blood, and sprinkled it on the altar: likewise, when they had killed the rams, they sprinkled the blood upon the altar: they killed also the lambs, and they sprinkled the blood upon the altar.  And they brought forth the he goats for the sin offering before the king and the congregation; and they laid their hands upon them:  And the priests killed them, and they made reconciliation with their blood upon the altar, to make an atonement for all Israel: for the king commanded that the burnt offering and the sin offering should be made for all Israel.  2 Chronicles 29:20-24

The neglected place of worship now witnessed the neglected services of offering being restored within it.  The Lord of the house observes as well, and his spirit inspires the song of joy.

And he set the Levites in the house of the LORD with cymbals, with psalteries, and with harps, according to the commandment of David, and of Gad the king’s seer, and Nathan the prophet: for so was the commandment of the LORD by his prophets.  And the Levites stood with the instruments of David, and the priests with the trumpets.  And Hezekiah commanded to offer the burnt offering upon the altar. And when the burnt offering began, the song of the LORD began also with the trumpets, and with the instruments ordained by David king of Israel.  And all the congregation worshipped, and the singers sang, and the trumpeters sounded: and all this continued until the burnt offering was finished.  And when they had made an end of offering, the king and all that were present with him bowed themselves, and worshipped.  Moreover Hezekiah the king and the princes commanded the Levites to sing praise unto the LORD with the words of David, and of Asaph the seer. And they sang praises with gladness, and they bowed their heads and worshipped.  2 Chronicles 29:25-30

If you can visit a Messianic Christian fellowship, witness the joy that Jews find in their Messiah.  The worship songs and dance are about the living God, and there is life in the music.  For Judah that life was restored by sacrifice, and revived in the joy of worship.

Then Hezekiah answered and said, Now ye have consecrated yourselves unto the LORD, come near and bring sacrifices and thank offerings into the house of the LORD. And the congregation brought in sacrifices and thank offerings; and as many as were of a free heart burnt offerings.  And the number of the burnt offerings, which the congregation brought, was threescore and ten bullocks, an hundred rams, and two hundred lambs: all these were for a burnt offering to the LORD.  And the consecrated things were six hundred oxen and three thousand sheep.  But the priests were too few, so that they could not flay all the burnt offerings: wherefore their brethren the Levites did help them, till the work was ended, and until the other priests had sanctified themselves: for the Levites were more upright in heart to sanctify themselves than the priests.  And also the burnt offerings were in abundance, with the fat of the peace offerings, and the drink offerings for every burnt offering. So the service of the house of the LORD was set in order.  And Hezekiah rejoiced, and all the people, that God had prepared the people: for the thing was done suddenly.  2 Chronicles 29:31-36

As many as were of a free heart made burnt offerings.  We need to have a heart free of guilt and sin to freely give a sacrifice of praise.  It appears that Judah was largely ready to worship in spirit and truth by their response.  They overwhelmed the priests with the workload.  It seems the Levites were more prepared to help than the priests, having their hearts prepared for the service.  It is possible for the body of Christ to be so prepared to serve too.  Remember that Joseph and Daniel were not priests, but gave secular service in government.  Even a politician can be righteous…oy vey!