We can survive a corrupt government with God’s help.  Joseph, Daniel and Jesus did.  So the best wisdom for a bad election is only found in God’s own word.  His plan helped Israel to survive their own government’s corruption and judgment.  So I will return to our regular bible study shortly.  We can still examine Christian values for our future voting though.

This blog WAS paused temporarily to allow publication to a plan for a Christian political position for this and the coming election in 2020.  If we do not have a party by now, it is time to come out from among them now.  RIGHTEOUS VISION 2020 is a plan for Christian perspectives for the coming election in 2020.  We can get it right by then.

I will continue to build a platform for my party of one, because I am not alone.  The author of the bible has provided assurance that he will never leave me.  So I will not publish my opinions.  I will publish his opinions as scripture can guide us to the right answers in every subject.  I may never win any election except that of God.  I want to be a good citizen of HIS kingdom more than this flawed nation and world.  I have no guilt in the election of flawed men if I maintain my good status in God’s kingdom.  At times real leadership is only found in not being a follower of evil.  You are never alone on God’s path.